Frances Dean by Birgitta Sif

Frances DeanThe second offering from Birgitta Sif has totally and utterly blown us away.

As if her debut, Oliver wasn’t enough, short-listed for the Kate Greenaway Medal, Frances Dean is indeed another charming and touching story.

How does she do it? The soft, autumnal tones of pinks and oranges just add warmth to the already heart warming story.


A young and vulnerable Frances Dean, is immersed in her dancing, she loved to dance, until that is, she feels all eyes upon her. Then she freezes, crippled with fear and forgets how to dance.

But something happens which changes Frances inside and out.

Back coverIt’s so uplifting to see Frances let her guard down, overcome her fear and possess the freedom that comes with being able to express yourself.

The way in which Sif delivers the message in this book is with complete empathy and whole-hearted sensitivity and one that moved me.


As Mother to a seven year old daughter who doesn’t always feel able to express herself easily or willingly, this story holds a very special place in my heart. I caught myself having a cheeky emotional moment when I saw her reading it alone. I only hope she took something away from the story and that she can be as brave as Frances Dean.

Thank you Birgitta.



2 thoughts on “Frances Dean by Birgitta Sif

  1. This looks perfect for a friend’s daughter who is struggling with shyness. I’m going to buy a copy for Mollie’s dance class too. Love Oliver but this looks even more scrummy!

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