Betty goes bananas by Steve Antony (OUP Children’s)

bettyIn our time, we have come across some divine Divas who have thrown some truly dreadful diva strops, but none more so than Betty.

She has just claimed the number one spot at the top of our Diva list, and all over a banana, no less!

Betty spots a banana, but she can’t open it and throws a gorilla-tastic tantrum. She is ‘be-friended’ by a Toucan, who tries to show her that she doesn’t need to get so upset and he opens the banana for her.


But then… it breaks! Quick, fingers in ears. Check out her several formidable faces, as Betty goes from mildly unamused to full-on, fantastically fuming.

Steve’s inimitable bright, bold illustrations make for a great read and my 5 yo thought Betty was silly for getting so upset. (Needless to say, I took immense pleasure in reminding him of a tantrum he threw whilst shopping in a well know Supermarket chain at the age of 2.)


We’ve loved watching Steve Antony emerge on the picture book scene in such style. His debut book, ‘The Queen’s Hat’ was a corker and we’re looking forward to ‘Please Mr Panda’. Keep an eye out for Steve, he is set to be a bright star in the world of picture books.

The hardback comes out at the end of this month and it will definitely add some colour to your shelves in more ways than one.


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