Stumble Trip Fall by Robert Scully

Stumble Trip FallRobert Scully‘s award winning picture book, follows Bear on his reflective journey to find out where he truly belongs.

As he ‘Stumbles, Trips and Falls’ along the way, he faintly recalls a message from his Mother but can’t quite remember all of the words.


The message begins:

“If you ever stumble, trip and fall…” and ends “you will know you are home when you land…”

But what else is missing from the message and how on earth will he know when he is home?


Bear manages to find himself inside several homes, but none of them his.

Firstly, he lands in fox’s house, then he crash-lands in mole’s kitchen, closely followed by hitting goat’s mountain (face first!) and ultimately splashing into duck’s pond.

But they all send him on his way, as they are not his home. So where can his home be and will he remember all of the words to the message his Mother told him?


Scully’s bold and bright design accompanies this story perfectly. It certainly makes a great statement and supports this tale of perseverance and tenacity brilliantly.


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