You are (not) small


Well, this had us chuckling from the very first page and by the end we were in fits of laughter. What a great debut from the husband and wife team.


You are (not) small is a fabulous story played out with few words, to maximum effect. It addresses the relativity of size and opposites in a quirky, fun and clever way.

Anna Kang’s limited copy for this picture book is genius. It doesn’t need a plethora of words, as Christopher Weyant’s illustrations make a perfect marriage to emphasise the minimal script.


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to my 8 year old read aloud to his siblings. He used a fabulous tone of voice for each of the furry creatures and his increasing volume and sense of urgency as he read, had the other two in hysterics. (NB this photo is not a set-up, this was genuinely happening)


We hear that the duo are planning a sequel and if they are we’ll definitely be seeking it out, but they have certainly given themselves a hard act to follow.

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