Two newbies


Today’s post is all about 2 debut books. ‘The boy who really really really loved Lizards’ by John Hamilton and ‘Extraordinary Zoo’ by Sophie Duckworth.

There’s nothing we love more than spotting talent and these two have it in abundance.


Following an MA in Children’s Book Illustration, this is John’s first book and the story is based on his own son’s love of Lizards. The Manchester University Museum loved it so much they published the book. It’s a funny tale about the boy’s obsession with all things Lizard and how he eats, sleeps and breathes anything to do with his favourite reptilian creatures. But it has a surprise ending and it just highlights the fickleness of children. Buy it here.


Sophie, is just starting out and recently completed a BA in Illustration. She has written an endearing, rhyming story about an extraordinary zoo, where the animals can do all manner of amazing things. How about a trombone playing Chimp, or a trampolining Koala for starters? It’s a great debut from Sophie and know she is headed for great things.


You can buy Sophie’s self-published book here.


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