Re Tigre

Re TigreRe Tigre (aka The Tiger who would be King) has been beautifully adapted in this handmade work of art by JooHee Yoon.

This well-versed fable was originally written in the early 20th century by James Thurber, about an over zealous tiger who naively announces that he wants to be King of the jungle.


The Tiger claims that the jungle needs change and he should become leader. He challenges the Lion and a fight ensues involving all of the animals.The proverb of the story being that to be a good leader you must also be a good follower. It also highlights the futility of war. Be sure you know why you are fighting as the outcome may not be what you hoped.

10572222_10152552558860446_1520007918_nI cannot begin to express how scrummy this book actually is, with it’s weighty paper pages, hand-scored binding, and bold 2-colour screen printing.

This hand crafted gem is one for all you people out there who truly appreciate a beautiful book.

centre spreadYoon’s bright, bold illustration style fits this fable perfectly and the fold-out pages depicting the fight is breath taking. Her ability to re-create this old fable with a unique modern twist is executed immaculately.

This copy is written in Italian, but nothing is lost in translation as Yoon’s depiction of this well known tale is evident on each bold and beautiful section. We couldn’t wait to turn each hefty page to see the next glorious image.

The end-to-end production of this book is flawless, everything from the bold screen-printing to the centre fold-out section. The Italian publisher is to be commended for ensuring such a quality product.

Published by Oreccchio Acerbo in collaboration with Studio Else, this book is currently available in Italian only, but an English version is in the pipeline. This gets the PBB Gold Star Award, the first of its kind to be dished out!


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