Waaaaah!!! What no jam?! Imagine you’ve waited patiently to devour your jammy doughnut, you take that first big, mouth-watering chomp and… aaaaargh! There’s NO jam! Just a deflated, dry, spongy, empty shell. Where could it be? Who could have taken it?



Sam is an ordinary boy who happens to like doughnuts, particularly the ones with jam in the middle, after all who doesn’t like a jammy doughnut? But when he finds the middle of his doughnut empty, he decides to catch the fiends who nabbed his jam. Using ketchup to trick the thieves, Sam doesn’t have to wait long to catch them in the act.

jampireMeet the Jampires. They’re not evil or nasty creatures. In fact, they’re rather loveable. They just love jam. The two jampires that Sam entraps have just wandered too far from their nest and they got a little peckish.

Sam helps them find their way home to their sweet-toothed kingdom and he is rewarded handsomely with a life time supply of jam doughnuts.


This jammy tale was borne out of a ‘comic jam’ between those clever creatives, Sarah McIntyre and David O’Connell. If you don’t know what a comic jam is, you most certainly must, and have a go yourselves! Take a look here to find out more about how this jamtastic story came to life and more jam-filled fun stuff.

sarah_author david_author


The Jampires is a big jammy hit here. My 7 year old loved the story so much, she couldn’t resist drawing her own Jampire. Next, we’re trying our comic jam for size.

Thanks to David Fickling Books for the review copy. Jampires will be availble on the 4th September.

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