Gobble You Up!

10590007_10152582601175446_630662398_nGobble You Up! published by Tara Books is an utter delight and ‘Gobble it up’ you should.

The way it feels, the comforting smells of ‘real’ paper… This handmade gem is one for your shelf if you appreciate delicate hand-stitched binding, heavy, quality paper and the sheer vibrancy of the black and white silkscreen print.


Books like this aren’t created very frequently these days and we were able to appreciate the extra time, care and love that has clearly been poured into it.

Sunita uses the dying art of finger painting rarely seen outside of her village, to illustrate the Rajastani folktale to perfection.

10592339_10152582601355446_1976206345_nThe wily jackal is too lazy to hunt for food and proceeds to gobble up every animal who happens in his path. But what happens when his eyes become too big for his belly?

This folktale has been beautifully adapted and the execution of strong, bold imagery works fantastically for a younger audience. A definite must for any book lover.


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