U is for Underwear

We’ve made it abundantly clear that we love the edgy, visually stunning books being produced by POW kids books and this offering by Jesse Levison is no exception.


U is for underwear

U is for Underwear, is a bright, bold board book of letters and it focuses on the less obscure items which makes a refreshing change. We actually recognised the items included in the book.

Levison’s illustrations are executed perfectly, minimally simple but instantly recognisable. This is testament to her printmaking background and expert use of colour.


This was one of our favourite spreads.

‘S is for Socks and T is for Tomatoes.’

The socks brought back memories of my old sports socks and the vibrant tomatoes jumped off the page. My 5 year old thought they looked tasty!


My 7 year old asked me to point out this page too, she particularly liked the duck, as it reminded her of the big rubber duck that she has in the bath and I appreciated the simplicity of the canoe.

10461744_10152513055685446_1631026995_nIf you like this board book, you should also try these block books by Dan Stiles. Finally, recognising that babies too can be stimulated by shapes, colour and patterns, these books double-up as building blocks are a genius and rare addition to great books for babies.

Keep ’em coming POW kids books we’re hooked!


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