Little Puppy Lost – Holly Webb

RR_Blog_BannerWe’ve teamed up with those lovely folk at Little Tiger Press for their ‘Reading Rocks‘ campaign and boy do they have a stash of fantastic books to get you reading this Summer.

Reading Rocks!

Check out this little lot for starters, there’s something in here for everyone.

Well, we couldn’t wait to see Holly Webb’s debut picture book. She has over 60 books under her belt and as fans of Maisie Hitchins, we were so pleased to hear that she was aiming her latest book at a slightly younger audience this time around.

Little Puppy Lost

We know Holly has a soft spot for animals and we were not surprised to see her first ever picture book centred around an adorable fluffy bundle, named Harry.

Little Puppy Lost is an endearing story about a young pup named Harry and his owner Evie, who take their first walk together. But Harry cannot help himself when a bouncy red ball flies past him and he darts off to chase it. After a long run, he soon realises he his lost and very much alone. He meets a few feisty characters on his travels but eventually Ginger, a cat befriends him, but will they make it safely back to Evie? A great read for the the younger audience. After all, what’s not to love about a fluffy pup?

We wanted to find out a little more about what makes Holly tick and she kindly agreed to answer these questions for us;
PBB: We’re so excited about your first picture book, as fans of Maisie Hitchins, what made you pursue this new route?
HW: I’ve loved reading picture books with my own children, and I loved the thought of writing one myself.
PBB: Which authors did you read whilst growing up?
HW: Lots. My particular favourites were CS Lewis (Narnia), Frances Hodgson Burnett (A Little Princess and The Secret Garden), LM Alcott (Little Women) and Judy Blume (especially Deenie and Are you there God, it’s me, Margaret).
PBB: You’ve written so many different and diverse books and more than a few about animals. Are you a lover of all animals and if so, do you have a favourite?
HW: I do love animals, and I always have. My first pet of my own was a mouse called Truffle, when I was 7, but we had a gorgeous cat calledRosie, and then two fabulously badly-behaved dogs as well. As of last month we have two new Bengal kittens so I’m currently leaning towards cats… But my favourite picture book was Edward Ardizzone’s Diana and Her Rhinoceros – the rhinoceros lived on hot buttered toast. I’ve always wanted one ever since!
PBB: With over 60 books under your belt there’s no stopping you. What genre of book would be your nemesis to write?
HW: Hmmm. I love reading science fiction, but for some reason I think I’d find it hard to write something set in the future – perhaps because things could almost be any way you want? But then with worries about climate change, and fuel, antibiotic resistance, etc, so many issues facing children in the future seem like dystopian science fiction already, which is a bit terrifying.
PBB: Book editor or author?
HW: Author. Though being paid to read all the time was pretty fabulous.
PBB: Are there more picture books to come and if so, is there an illustrator out there who you’d like to collaborate with?
HW: I’m in the middle of writing a new picture book, largely inspired by our new kitten Poppy, and her habit of climbing things and getting stuck! There are so many amazing illustrators working at the moment – one of the really interesting things I had to learn about picture books was how to pare down the text to let the pictures tell the story too, which Rebecca Harry has done so beautifully for Little Puppy Lost. When I was reading picture books with my boys, we all loved Emma Chichester Clark’s Blue Kangaroo and Melrose and Croc books, and also the brilliant Pizza Kittens by Charlotte Voake. I would love to work with either of them.
So go on, get involved with the Little Tiger Reading Rocks campaign and get reading this Summer!

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