Mr Tweed’s Good Deeds by Jim Stoten (Flying Eye Books)

Mr Tweeds Good Deeds

This is a visually stunning book and in our household it had the 5, 7, 8 and 40+ year olds totally engrossed.

The beautifully fabric-bound gem starts off with strong, bold imagery and continues in the same vein throughout the book. Flying Eye books never cease to amaze us with their picture books and this is no exception!

Spot the socks!

Jim Stoten’s elaborately illustrated pages are a sight to behold. Each page is a visual feast with new things to be spotted within every square centimetre.

Mr Tweed helps his friends find certain lost items. From presents to pineapples, we eventually found them all.

It’s great aid for counting and keeps everyone on their toes searching for all of the items.

I found my 5 year old having another sneaky peek, shortly after we’d finally spotted all of the missing balloons! He got a kick out of counting and spotting all of the missing things and alerted me to new things he’d seen on each page.

Here’s one of our favourite spreads with all of the mayhem on the river. Can spot any of the floating flowers? Believe me, it’s tricky (but in a good way).

Yet another visually stimulating picture book from the Nobrow Press imprint, which will stand the test of time.


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