The Pilot and the Little Prince by Peter Sis

The Pilot and the Little Prince

This endearing biographical tale offers the story behind the man who wrote The Little Prince, Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

We discover Antoine’s love of flying, almost bordering on an obsession. His need to fly follows him from France to Spain, Southern America and New York.

Starting out as a mechanic, Antoine works his way up through the ranks to eventually pilot his own plane, delivering mail across to Spain and throughout Europe across to the West African coast.

Face of the landscape

The book is complemented by beautiful illustrations and here’s our favourite spread which expresses the many ‘faces of the landscape’. The use of pointillism subtly brings to life the story of the Sun King.



Another strong illustration depicts the impact of the war on Antoine, as he becomes a war pilot. He was recruited to photograph the locations of the enemy. But the toll of the war on the pilot, hits him hard and he flees back to New York following the death of his friend and his country.



We adore this story and the way in which the end of Antoine’s life is handled. “Maybe Antoine found his own glittering planet next to the stars.”

As fans of The Little Prince, it was lovely to learn more about  its author and the incredibly courageous man he clearly was.


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