Sparky by Jenny Offill & Chris Appelhans


The fact that this book arrived on my doorstep at 1.15pm and I am publishing this review within hours of receiving it, quite frankly says it all!

This delightful story of ‘girl meets sloth’ is everything I’d hoped it would be (and then some), when I first clapped eyes on the cover a few weeks back. Thank you to Schwartz Wade for agreeing to send me this coveted review copy.


So you know how it goes, you want a pet, they say ‘No’, so you go away and research the easiest, cleanest, least cumbersome pet on earth. Enter Mrs Kinklebaum, the school librarian to the rescue. We all need a ‘Mrs Kinklebaum’.

A sloth, of course! It ticks all of the boxes, no need to walk, bathe or feed it. Just as Mum had decreed.

10488838_10152510344695446_1170056561_nSparky is the most laid-back pet a girl could have, he doesn’t perform, he can’t talk, and he doesn’t do tricks. In fact he doesn’t really do much of anything. But none of that vaguely matters.

We never find out the name of the little girl and I like it that way. She’s just a girl, a girl like any other, who wanted a pet. She got her pet, and whilst he might not do things that other pets do, he’s all hers and that’s the way she likes it and he is truly loved by his owner.


Buy it, cherish it and I defy you not to want your own pet sloth after reading this!


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