The Storm Whale by Benji Davies (Simon & Schuster)

I was asked recently to choose my all time favourite picture book. Oh purlease! Where on earth do I start? Where would you start? I could readily reel off a list of my favourites (here are just a few);

1075637_483471901747577_1476345651_nBut seriously, how do I choose? So after much deliberation, I plumped for a book that immediately held a place in my heart. It has won a number of awards and it’s creator is a genuinely nice chap too and that’s why I chose ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies.

This beautiful story follows a boy called Noi and the relationship with his Father. The pair live on an island where Noi’s Dad spends all day fishing and Noi is pretty much left to his own devices during the day.

IMG_5486But the day after a turbulent night, Noi goes out to explore and see what he can find in the wake of the storm.

He comes across a little whale, washed up on the shore and immediately Noi comes to the whale’s aid.

3He puts the whale on his cart and rushes straight home and puts him in the bath.

Noi cares for the whale, feeds him and tells him stories, forging a bond so strong, Noi’s only worry is how his Father will react to a whale in his bath.

TSWBut Noi’s Dad isn’t cross and he is more concerned that he hadn’t realised how lonely Noi must have been, so together, they take the whale back to where he belongs and they watch the whale reunited with its family once again.

10487795_10152477046510446_1173719943_nThe illustrations alone, tell this simple but powerful tale of love and friendship and it will always hold a special place in my heart and it just so happens to be my 5 yo first choice every time!

Thank you Benji Davies, a book we will always treasure.

One thought on “The Storm Whale by Benji Davies (Simon & Schuster)

  1. A fantastic, touching book. I was reminded of it lately as a few pilot whales were beached last week on the Irish coast I love Klassen and Jeffers work too. I only wish Jeffers would go back and do a book like ‘Stuck’ or ‘This Moose Belongs to Me’ I feel he’s after losing his way with some of his recent publications.

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