Who did it? by Ohara Hale (POW Kids Books)

10447229_10152465001450446_389946624_nThis highly illustrated set of board books tackle the often taboo subject of bodily functions, but hey, we all do it, so why not talk about them and learn how to deal with them politely?

We think there should be more books like this! Well done POW kids books!

Ohara Hale’s fabulous illustrations make light of the often tricky subject matter.

10428784_10152460144745446_1404310615_nWho knew there were so many different noises for a bottom burp, or is that a trump, a fart, wind – so many names?!

10429019_10152460144480446_1538669157_nUs Brits love a few manners and these books let us have a chuckle at the funny noises, smells and names for our bodily functions, but they also teach children about the correct way to handle them.

We love the sense of humour of these books and the highly illustrated pages make for hilarious viewing, with always something new to spot.


Yes, it a bit of harmless silliness and we will be looking out for more from POW, as they lead the way with quirky, design conscious books.

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