The Entertainer by Emma Dodd

Entertainer I make no apologies for divulging that I have an extra special interest in this book. Not only as it’s Emma Dodd‘s new offering, but during my time at Templar Publishing, I was privy to a couple of meetings about The Entertainer and the proposed cover.

So when it landed on my doormat, courtesy of The Book Sniffer, I was thrilled to see it in all its glory and cop a feel of the glossy details on the cover that were raised at that very meeting. 912597_10152311279225446_222507800_n

The Entertainer turns up to Billy’s party and the children immediately LOVE him, none more so than the birthday boy. His bear suit is SO life-like and his nose SO squeezable (so much so, we couldn’t resist having a squeeze) but where’s the zip to his bear suit?


He munches the flowers, juggles with the contents of the fruit bowl and single-handedly scoffs the party food!

We enjoyed snippets of ‘top tips’ that can be spotted on most pages and we were all in agreement that we have a big soft spot for the child dressed as Dracula, complete with centre parting and vampire teeth.



Mum and Dad are far from impressed with the bear’s antics and as they gradually become more frazzled throughout the story. Check out Mum’s dishevelled hair. (It’s a look I sport frequently!)

Just as the door is closed behind the last guest, the bell rings… Who could that be? Only a man in a bear suit, apologising for his tardiness.

Moral of the story: Always, always check for the zip on the bear suit.

Another crowd pleaser from Emma Dodd and another space willingly made on our bedtime bookshelf.


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