Foxy Tales by Caryl Hart and Alex T. Smith


I’d seen lots of buzz around ‘Foxy Tales’ on social media sites, so when Caryl Hart was offering the opportunity to review her latest offering with Alex T.Smith, we’d have been fools not to bite her hand off, right?

You may or may not know, that I have a real bookworm here and as I suspected, she pounced on this book when she spotted it on the kitchen table. I didn’t get a look in!

10003015_10152264442360446_1590905479_nThe whole book was devoured (with just a break for dinner and bath time) in one sitting. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is just how good she thought it was. So, who better to review the book than my 6yo. And she was more than happy to oblige.

Here, is her fabulous review, complete with her favourite bits and a picture from the book, by one of her illustrating heroes, Alex T. Smith.

967728_10152278286135446_1882800152_n 10009580_10152278286090446_1577715570_n 10013604_10152278286600446_415893934_n

She gave the book a 5 star rating and said she’D “love to read another story about Alphonso and Foxy”.

* 6yo apologises for calling Alphonso a crocodile, but in her defence she didn’t know how to spell ‘alligator’.

I finally got  my mitts on this hilarious, laugh-out-loud book and the 5 stars is definitely warranted. Thanks to Caryl Hart for the review copy and to Alex T. Smith for continuing to inspire the next generation of illustrators.


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