Meet the Parents by Peter Bently & Sara Ogilvie

imageI just loved the sound of this collaboration and couldn’t wait to get my mitts on a copy.

I’ve always enjoyed Sara Ogilvie’s style of illustration and with Roald Dahl Funny Prize winner, Peter Bently‘s no doubt, humorous take on ‘parenthood’ I couldn’t wait to get started.

9780857075826_3Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Some of the pages certainly rang true to me, as a Mum to three.  I could particularly relate to this page “Mum is a donkey’.


In fact, are you sure this book is meant for children? It’s right up my street and made me laugh out loud, more than once. (Which is much more than I often get from most books aimed at adults). Peter Bently’s knack of seeing the humour in a situation certainly came to the fore in this story.

81OcsyNYaTLAs you would expect, there are some gorgeous spreads in this book from Sara Ogilvie and none more so than this one. It depicts just a couple of the infinite uses we hold as parents, lest we forget that of the wonky tent pole substitute.

1608579_10152135551175446_1596538426_nBut for me, the loveliest spread, has to be the last as it holds the final message to the whole story. Us parents love TICKLES! This book will be a hit with old and young. It will certainly make you smile if you are a parent and the children might even see that we do have our uses, even if it is just for target practice.


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