Oh Dear, Geoffrey by Gemma O’Neill (Templar Publishing)

As my time at Templar Publishing draws to a close, I had to dedicate my next review to one of their stunning picture books. But which one? I definitely have my favourites, Owen Davey, Levi Pinfold and Emma Yarlett, to name but a few.

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In the end I plumped for ‘Oh Dear, Geoffrey’ by Gemma O’Neill. When I first spied the cover, I knew I had to have this book. The illustrations are utterly beautiful and so very delicate.


This book tells the tale of a clumsy but lovely, giraffe who tries to befriend the animals he finds on the ground but this ends in disaster – usually with a face plant on the floor. He then realises there are plenty of friends around him up in the trees and big advantages to being tall.

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Such a great story about friendship and staying true to who you are.

Not meaning to brag, but I’ve also had the complete pleasure of seeing Gemma’s next offering and whilst I wondered how she’d top ‘Oh Dear, Geoffrey’, she most definitely has.


Keep and eye out for Monty and his magnificent mane… it’s another stunner.


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