Hilda and The Bird Parade by Luke Pearson (Flying Eye Books)

Hilda and the Bird Parade

Luke Pearson’s graphic novels are like no other. Our Hilda obsession began when we spotted a couple of pics of the covers and that was all the excuse we needed. Off we popped to our local independent and splashed out on the delicious Hilda and The Midnight Giant.

Last week, @maybeswaybe presented me with the equally delicious Hilda and The Bird Parade. Here’s a tantalising spread to whet your appetite. (If it’s not already!)


These books centre around the relationship between Hilda and her Mother and Hilda makes a particularly great protagonist for this series. She is a feisty, intrepid, and resilient, blue-haired girl whose adventures have you gripped from the first couple of pages.

hildaHilda and the Bird Parade sees Hilda in a new city, where she gets involved in some childish mischief with her new school pals, but in true Hilda style she comes good in the end. Having be-friended a talking bird, she tries to help him and gets into all sorts of exploits but ultimately overcomes the trials she faces to be reunited with her Mother.


The end papers and book plate alone make this book a complete ‘must have’ and we now have ‘Hildafolk’ on our Christmas list to complete the trio.

Just hope we’ve been good this year!


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