Zubert, by Charlie Sutcliffe (Tate Publishing)


What a way to kick-off this picture book blog! We’re getting stuck in with The Tate’s latest offering.

The eponymous ‘Zubert’ is Charlie Sutcliffe’s first book and we sincerely hope he intends to do many, many more! We spotted ‘Zubert’ just before its launch and instantly knew we’d love it and we are not disappointed.


Charlie Sutcliffe’s style is totally unique and one we adore. The muted tones and almost ‘vintage’ feel to his illustrations are particularly appealing. We really loved the limited but sophisticated colour palettes he adopted.


Warning, these spreads *have* to be viewed time and time again, as there’ll always be some minute detail you’ll have missed the first time around.

Zubert comes to life

In a nutshell, Zubert is delivering flowers to The Savoy with his Mum and whilst waiting for her, he stumbles across the oh-so delightful Spinglefranks. There’s a hoard of blue buffalo in reception, an octopus who has taken up residence in the swimming pool and a plethora of monkeys who like hanging out in the Royal Suite.


With Zubert’s help, the Spinglefranks have to hide the animals before the moustached inspectors spot them and close down the hotel. Can they do it in time?

If you like a quirky book and appreciate Sutcliffe’s individual style, this book is most definitely for you (no matter what your age).


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